Direct Hire
Direct Hire recruiting is a challenging and time consuming process. Most companies that utilize internal recruiting only are finding that the traditional way of sourcing (job boards and advertising) and identifying candidates are simply not getting the job done especially since the most qualified candidates are most likely not actively seeking other opportunities.

Invenio Direct Hire Services works one-on-one with our clients and develops long lasting partnerships that enable us to deliver top talent. Using our unique 9-Step Process, we are able to meet our Clients' expectations. Plus, our services are guaranteed!!

Benefits of Invenio’s Direct Hire Services:

Time savings resulting from our extensive pre-qualification of candidates
Cost savings due to the ability to find the right candidate efficiently and reduce advertising expenses
Allows our Clients' staff to focus on their core competencies
Competitive advantage due to a larger qualified candidate pool
No risk since we are only paid after a successful placement and our services are guaranteed

Invenio Contract Services offers an ideal solution for companies that experience various fluctuations in their need for human capital. As projects ramp up, Invenio provides the necessary skill sets required to complete the job, on a “temporary“ or contract basis. We handle all HR functions including payroll, tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements, and employee related insurance and administration.

Benefits of Invenio’s Contract Services:

Flexibility to add resources on an as needed basis
Elimination of costs associated with a full time, fully benefited employee
Increased staffing alternatives

Invenio Contract-To-Perm Services are very similar to Contract Services with the exception that the intent of the company is to eventually transition the Contractor to an Employee at an agreed upon date. Typically, the Contractor will work a specified number of hours prior to the transition or there is a conversion fee payable to Invenio.

Benefits of Invenio’s Contract-To-Perm Services:

Allows both the company and Contractor to “try before they buy”
Once Contractor transitions to Employee, he/she is already productive
Minimizes risk of a “bad hire”

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